2020 MCC Professional
Development Conference


Session 3 - Roundtable Discussion

Understanding Gen Z and How to be an Effective Coach
Kevin Fallon, Salisbury University

Generation Z is different from the previous generations. In this session we will identify who makes up "Gen Z" - learn about what makes them unique - and discuss how we can work with them to.

Consolidating Campus Student Employment with the Career Center
Lisa Moody, Washington College and Darlene Ashley, Washington College

Thinking about bringing campus employment under the umbrella of the career center? Come explore and discuss the process and benefits of being a one stop shop for all employment types for students.

Diversity: How Do We Make Sense of People Different from Ourselves?
Cary Smedley, Stevenson University and Gabrielle Styles, Stevenson University

We will work together to manage and negotiate our cultural beings to serve diverse populations. Topics include how we choose to identify; when is one identity more important and do our spaces support our mini-identities and and influence career paths.


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