Submit Your Call for Proposal Today!

The Maryland Career Consortium is currently seeking presentations for the 2020 Professional Development Conference. The following types of presentation formats will be accepted:

Speed Learning Sessions will be a 20 minute, typical presentation format with the option to use A/V if requested.

Roundtable Discussions will be a 30 minute facilitation of a group discussion around a specific topic. This is not a presentation format.

MCC members have indicated a strong interest in the following topics. While not limited to the themes below, proposals that align with and expand on these topics are strongly encouraged:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Changing Landscape of College Recruitment from the Employers Perspective
  • Data Collection/Student Learning Outcomes
  • Faculty Training
  • Student Engagement
  • Alumni Engagement and Collaboration

In the proposal submission, you will be asked to provide a brief bio and your qualifications to present or lead a discussion, as well as a short description of the session and 2-5 learning objectives.

The deadline to submit a proposal is Monday, November 18, 2019.