MCC's standing committees and task groups assist the board of directors and headquarters with programs and ideas to advance the organization's mission and goals. If you are interested in volunteering on one of the committees listed below, please contact Becca Stinner at MCC Headquarters.

Career Fair

This committee is responsible for developing and organizing the annual MCC Career Fair that brings together all the member schools. The committee identifies employers to participate and invites all students and alumni to join us.


Employer Relations

Coordinates and facilitates the employer summer site visits. This includes identifying employer venues and generating outreach opportunities to professional groups in the industry that may be of interest to our members.



Develops marketing strategies and identifies new opportunities for partnerships that will help promote MCC.

Professional Development

Plans the annual professional development conference, among other opportunities during the year to further the education and knowledge of our membership.



Works with MCC Headquarters managing updates and changes to the official website.