Employer Registration
Student Registration
Frequently Asked Questions

What platform will the career fair be hosted on?

The career fair will be hosted on the Handshake platform. Handshake is accessible by both browser and mobile app (for students).

Do I need to download or install any information to be able to access the event? What web browser is compatible with this system?

It is recommended to update your browser and use one of the following browsers via desktop/laptop: 

  • Chrome 
  • Firefox

For the best Handshake experience possible, it is recommended to use browsers with versions released/updated within the last 6 months.

Will I need to have a web camera?

It is strongly encouraged that you have a webcam for the event. Employers have the ability to text, video, and audio chat with participants. If you're a student that does not have access to a web camera on your desktop/laptop you may utilize the Handshake mobile app to have face time interactions with employers. 

What is the Employer registration process?

  1. Register for the career fair on the MCC website.
  2. Once you have registered as an employer on the MCC website, you will receive a confirmation email and a link to register your company on the Handshake platform. Registering on the MCC website does not automatically complete your registration for the career fair. You must follow the link within your confirmation email and create your profile for the event on the Handshake platform.
  1. Set up your schedule with sessions

What is the Student registration process?
  1. Register on Handshake as a student attendee 
  2. Update your profile and resume with the most up to date information
  3. Schedule sessions with registered employers 

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I am an alumni, how do I register?

If you're an alumni for one of the 16 participating schools without a .edu email address, you will need to contact your schools career center to be added to their Handshake account and then proceed with registering. Only students with a .edu email address or who are already linked to a school will be able to participate in the fair.  


Will students be able to submit their resumes to employers? Without joining sessions? 

  • Yes! When students sign up to meet with employers in 1:1 and/or group sessions, they are added to a RSVPs list, and employers will have access to these students’ public resumes before and after the fair. 

If I have an issue, who do I contact for assistance?
  • If you're having issues registering on the MCC website, please contact [email protected]
  • Assistance with video
  • If your school (or an employer) uses a non-Handshake provider for video/livestream hosting, they should contact that provider for support.
  • Internet connection is slow or disconnected, please contact your internet service provider. 
  • Computer, laptop, or smartphone is slow or not working, please contact your device support provider. 
  • Camera and microphone isn’t working, contact your device support provider.
  • Web browser isn’t working, first make sure you’re using Chrome and Firefox, virtual fair video screensharing will only be supported on these browsers.