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The Maryland Career Consortium (MCC) will host our annual Career Fair on Tuesday, July 12, 2022. Over 600 students and alumni representing all 16 MCC member schools will join more than 70 employers across Maryland from various industries including the government, private, and non-profit sectors. This event will be held virtually on the Handshake platform so that students, alumni, and employers can feel comfortable interacting with each other from the comfort of your remote workplace. 

Job seekers will have the capability to: 

  • Schedule appointment sessions to meet with companies who are hiring
  • Network with professionals
  • Apply to open roles
  • Share and submit your resume to positions of interest
Register Today!

Learn more about the student experience at the 2022 MCC Career Fair by visiting the Student Resource Page

Before the fair:

  • Candidates will receive session recommendations via email based off the information within your Handshake profile.  Here you can easily review the list of employers based on their interests.
  • You have the options to pre-plan your experience by scheduling employer interactions ahead of time, or scheduling them the day of.
    • It is recommended to schedule your interactions ahead of time for best time management and to ensure you're able to interact with all of the employers you're interested in. 
  • Candidates can learn about employers and share their profile
Day of the fair:
  • Candidates will be able to participate in intimate group sessions or get 1:1 facetime with recruiters—all from their browser or Handshake’s mobile app.
After the fair:
  • Candidates are able to see a history of their past sessions in the Your Sessions tab of the fair
  • Follow and favorite employers on Handshake to receive employer activity alerts.

Have Career Fair Questions? 

Check out our FAQ page to learn how the fair will work and how to best prepare yourself. 

For questions regarding the MCC Career Fair, please contact MCC Headquarters at [email protected].